Madeira (February)

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This time we do not depart from Bremen. Direct flight to Funchal is available from Düsseldorf. It takes four hours from there. We arranged for an overnight stay at an airport hotel prior to departure. This includes a car parking for up to four weeks of travel duration. So we are able to get to the airport on Friday after work and start our holiday next morning without hassle.

Funchal at sunset

The flight is uneventful. Arrival on time. A rental car is waiting for us at the airport in Santa cruz. A 4WD BMW with all possible gadgets and 32.000 km on the tacho. Allegedly the smallest available car at time of the booking. A GPS unit supported by internet makes the driving very comfortable.

Old town of Funchal, Zona Velha

Our 42 sqm holiday appartement is situated in the old town of Funchal. In a refurbished old building with four appartements on each floor of the three storey house. Car park on an enclosed inner courtyard behind the house. All entrance doors are code-locked. Codes are mailed to us few days before. It is very convenient.

View from our window

In the olden days Zona velha was a fishing village. It is the oldest quarter of Funchal which is the capital city of Madeira. Today Zona velha is redeveloped to a night-out area for tourists and locals. Restaurants and boutiques line up the Santa Maria street.

Sé Cathedral

Levada do Rei, PR18

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