Peru (April)

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Our departure airport is Hamburg this time. Just half an hour away from Mundsburg by underground. What a convenience compared to the time as Hamburg did not have underground link to the airport.

The flight was uneventful, relatively bearable for a 28 hours long journey, home – Hamburg – flight Hamburg to Madrid (by Iberia) – flight Madrid to Lima (by Latam). The meals on board were meager. The inflight services follow a similar liturgy, same procedure as every time. Quite new the Latam aeroplane, USB charging port on every seat is helpful.

Our Surya Lima hotel is situated in the quiet, affluent district Magdalena del Mar of Lima. 20 Min. on foot away from the beach.

The world is still in order on Sunday morning. Our flight arrives at 6:30 am. A refreshing view of the sea.

Exercising people are already active.

Heavy swell. The shore is not fortified, partially eroded by waves. Trespassing prohibited.

Our modest hotel room

Magdalena del Mar by night

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