Ouzoud Falls

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Today we make a day out into the Atlas, a mountain range accross the Nordwest of Africa. Its peak covered by snow can be seen from Marrakech. The 150 km one way drive through the serpentine takes three hours. More difficult is to get through the traffic jungle of Marrakech.

Marrakech: View from our balcony

You will find all the road users in the medina in multiple amount here on the streets again: Pedestrians, carriers, street vendors, cyclists, donkey carts, mopeds, petit taxis, grand taxis, lorries, all in a mystic order which is not distinguishable for an outsider.

A road crossing

Our strategy for coming forth is just keep moving in an acceptable speed which appears predictable to the others and don´t run anyone over. Inshallah! Even outside the town centres you will find along the roadsides again and again pedestrians including children on their own, cyclists, sheep flocks, donkey riders and donkey carts. Nearly everything which is capable to move from A to B. All in harmonic livelihood with each other.

A village on the hill

The Ouzoud falls are spectacular to look at. If you ignore all the souvenir stalls and restaurants paving the path from the top to the bottom of the falls and all the rubbish left behind by the visitors. From the unromantic point of view of an know-it-all it would benefit everyone if the loacal authority would introduce an entrance fee to create an income which can be used to keep the enviroment clean and to preserve the site for future touristic development.

Ouzoud falls

Another issue is the unsolicited guide / advisor , in most cases young men who hang round at the entrance of touristic hotspots who try to tell you what to do, and in many cases to provide you false information. Why so?

Barbary macaque, accustomed to visitors. Their counterparts in Gibralta are the only free-living primates in Europe apart from human beings

At the bottom of the falls

To end the nice day: Paella in a spanish restaurant with live music at Menara Mall, a landmark on the Boulevard Mohammed VI in Marrakech.

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