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We try to climb the Pichincha today. a non active and non glaciated volcano in the western part of Quito. It was cloudy and there was some rain repeatedly last days, too. In between the sun shines and the air temperature is comfortably warm all the time. Only in the evening we might need a light rain jacket or a pullover.

A taxi drive to the Teleférico (cable car) station. Then up to the top station at 3.974 m altitude. Further 2 km upwards on foot, we are now at 4.200 m above sea level.

View onto Quito from Pichincha. Clouds are passing by underneath us. Green but treeless landscape.

The upmost peak of Rucu Pichincha is 4.696 m. It would be another 5 km walk upward but we decide to return because the rain seems to be approaching.

A beautiful day in the nature.

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