Harz (May)

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Another extended weekend in Harz, beautiful tranquil scenery, blue sky at 23°C warm and sunny long daylight. We stay in a village just 10 km outside Duderstadt. It has a church, a fire station, a single hotel with adjacent pub serving the local community and few streets of resident houses. There are two ways end up there: You loose your way or you find it in the internet.

St. Cyriakus church, Duderstadt

The village hotel offers an excellent accomodation for a quiet weekend. Great choice of continental breakfast, clean and cosy room, good meal at the music of the excercising local choir. A good base to explore the surroundings.

Half-timbered houses, Duderstadt

Market street

Westerturm, the landmark of Duderstadt

A day out to Quedlinburg, listed as UNESCO World heritage, and Wernigerode nearby.

Town hall, Quedlinburg

Town hall, Quedlinburg

A town of half-timbered houses, Quedlinburg

Before returning home on last day we visit the Museum Friedland. Opened on 18th March 2016 next to the Friedland train station it exhibits collection of memorabilia and documents belonging to generations of refugees from Germany and many parts of the world who have gone through the Friedland transit camp, the gate to freedom. It serves as a refugee reception centre since the end of World War II.

Friedland Museum

Friedland would now be larger than Berlin if everyone registerd in the camp had stayed there: over four million people.

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