Ecuador / Galapagos (January)

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The flight from Bremen to Quito is straightforward as planned. We leave home at 4 am in Bremen and arrive at 5 pm local time in our hotel in Quito. The time difference is 6 hours. Due to the short night before we slept nearly the whole journey on board the plane.

As tourists we don´t need a visa for a visit up to 90 days. A friendly welcome from the lady border officer. Is it our first time in Ecuador? She wishes us a nice stay.

Our Casa Q Hotel in Quito

Then cash withdrawal from the ATM at the airport and a taxi drive to our hotel for 25 USD. The US Dollar has become legal tender in Ecuador since 2000 after numerous devastating economic incidents leading to bankruptcy of several banks and downturn of the national economy. But it has recovered since the dollarization.

Our night lodge is in the fifth floor of Casa Q hotel, situated in the finance and business district La Carolina. Stylish and fashionable. Outdoor temperature is 23°C.

On the roof-top terrace of the 7th Floor there is a lounge and an outdoor area for the hotel guests.  Here we have a view over the neighbouring area. Quito is located on a high river basin of 2.850 m above sea level, enclosed by the Pichincha, an active stratovolcano  of the Andes Mountains, and only 20 km to the south of the equator. Ecuador means in Spanish equator!

As usual we take a short break and go out again to adjust ourselves quickly to the time shift.

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