Mujib Chalets

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On the mountain side of the Dead Sea Highway at the Mujib bridge there is the information centre of the Mujib Nature Reserve. From here the walks into the reserve start with and without compulsory guiding depending on the trails you choose. On the other side of the highway, on a remote and tiny tongue of land you will find a small complex of 15 chalets which is run by the Jordanian Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), designed for visitors to Wadi Mujib.

Mujib chalets

The chalets are built in two rows, just few meters away from the edge of the terrain. A small path takes you downhill to the narrow and rocky beach of the Dead Sea. The whole complex is surrounded by wind and water, nothing else. There are no shops around, not even a vending machine. The next village is far far away.

They are very basic, consisting of a roofed terrace and a lockable bedroom part on the rear of the chalet. Within its plain white walls there is a double bed with bedside tables, a fridge and an air condition. All in good working condition. Apart from that there is a common building for shared showers and toilets as well as a dining hall with WLAN. Clean and hospitable enough to make you feel comfortable.

Sunset by the Dead Sea

The tranquillity of the nature fulfills your body and mind. The silence of the sea. The seamlessly distant view. The same brown colour of the treeless mountain on the other side is Israel. The calm water reflecting sunlight. Now and then a warm breeze of air at 30°C temperature. Just unique and payless!

Dead Sea (not really true, we did see small creatures swimming around). Burns in your eyes, your facial skin and let you feel any scratch you might not have known of its existence before!

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